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I cant thank Dr Alexandra Musgrove enough.
She is very professional, understanding, caring and a delight to visit.

Great friendly service and so caring. Excellent treatment and would not hesitate to recommend ????

Absolutely fantastic service from reception and excellent care from Dr Ushi and her team.

Can highly recommend BDC, I went for a check up /scale & polish recently with Ushi. Being a very nervous patient she makes you at ease and advises you what she is doing and realxes you straight way. If you are like me please make an appointment with Ushi , the fear of dentist is no more! 5*****

Easy to book online. We usually see Ushi as she always gives good tips on how to improve your dental health

Kind and calm
What more could you need from a dentist? The staff are so kind, caring and thoughtful. They are really considerate of you, if you happen to be rather apprehensive. Thank you everyone. Xxx

First time I have been to dentist in over 30 years .was a nervous wreck. But as soon as I walked in the receptionists put me at ease.
Then was called . She explained all she was doing and was very gentle .only thing I felt was the needle in my roof of mouth. Not as bad as I thought .
Did not feel tooth coming out only could hear it being removed sounded like someone crunched an onion!
Still have pain in another tooth so will go back for other treatments might be sooner than my appointment
So thank you to all. KJ 6.8.19

We needed very gentle dental care for our 93 year old mother and we couldnt have been more delighted with the care & understanding provided by Dr Ushita. Further visits to the surgery were required but unfortunately our mother was unable to attend the clinic in person again due to an unexpected illness, which meant she was unable to leave the house but Dr Ushita went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the treatment was completed by visiting my mother at home. Our mother was very happy with the outcome and we were very impressed by the level of professionalism, understanding and care provided. Highly recommend this dental practice. DL 29.7.19

Well had my ongoing appointment with Dr Ushi, I have got to hand it to you people despite feeling a little poorly afterwards, nothing to do with the treatment, you guys really do your job well. Within a short time, Mr bad tooth was gone, very very patient, unhurried always asking how I was, yup 5-star treatment thank you so much looking forward to my next appointment.
Regards Jeff

I'm one of the terror struck elderly but have found this practice has almost allayed all my fears. I'll hang on to a couple - just in case - fears that is. Nice staff, good dentist and I got away with no follow up visit this time! RH 1.8.19

Hilton Jenkins is an excellent and very conscientious practitioner. When he is operating he is totally focussed on what he is doing. I went for a routine checkup yesterday which on this occasion included a scale and polish. During the procedure he discovered a filling had come adrift which he refilled during my “checkup” session.
He is definitely the finest dental surgeon I have been involved with during my many years of treatment.
His whole practice is top rate, including his ancillary staff who are charming and efficient. Highly recommended. GG. 9.3.19

Always very friendly and helpful. Explains everything thoroughly too you and puts you at ease. I highly recommend the Bridge Dental Clinic. LM 7.10.18

Bridge dentist...Excellent. Petrified of dentist registered online early hours as in a lot of pain. Booked in earliest Tues 2nd October. Called them at 8.30am to see if I could get in earlier they booked me in at 12.30. Arrived in an awful state and terrified. Dr Shah, her dental nurse the ladies on reception we all ever so nice and reassuring. Booked for a check up etc next week, still nervous but reassuring that they will do it all at my own pace. THANK YOU GIRLS SO MUCH! KH 27.9.18

Can’t recommend Usha at the Bridge Dental Practice more highly! I chipped my front tooth at 9 in the morning. Mortified! Telephoned the practice and had an appointment for 1040. Usha was delightful. She did a great repair in the most gentle of ways. Thankyou Usha. JC 4.10.18

A very efficient and friendly service. Highly recommended and wouldn't consider going anywhere else

I had to attend you surgery recently for a removal of a tooth at back left upper which was huge. I saw Ushi first and she filed the tooth down and subject to INR results in her comfort zone she removed my tooth in one. I have never had such a privilege of meeting somebody who is so calm, funny and yet professional in all my time of visiting a dentist (sorry Jenks you are great too as well). Ushi is excellent at what she does and this comes from a man who has a phobia of dentists thanks to the old school dental system. I rate her highly and as with you will recommend all of my family, friends and contacts to use your surgery. Luckily as a. Guernseyman I know a hell of a lot of people.

On a closing note Dr Ushi is one in a million, she is the most genuine/lovely person I have met in a long time.

I have quite possibly the worst phobia of visiting the dentist which goes back to when I went to the school dentist many years ago and yet every time I visit the Bridge Dental Clinic in a panic, fearing the worst - am I going to need my teeth pulled? do I have gum disease? I think of every awful scenario going and somehow I always come out with a smile on my face and wondering what all the fuss was about! The ladies on reception are lovely and helpful and Hylton really puts me at ease explaining everything along the way. Going to the dentist will never be my favourite thing to do (that's part of me now) but I am learning that actually they are there to help me and they always do, without pain and sometimes with a few laughs along the way! oh and also a HUGE sigh of relief as I drive off (from the perfect parking space right outside the door!) - Thank you Bridge Dental Clinic - see you in 6 months time! KA 20.2.19

Dr Jenkins was very patient with me and reassured me the whole of my appointment. I would highly recommend the bridge to all my family and friends. ???????? 9.11.17

Not only is this a very friendly practice but Dr Hylton Jenkins is very skilled and caring as well. He explains everything and he is the first dentist who hasn't made my mouth hurt after an examination and clean. The cost is a less than other practices too. I am so pleased to have found him and would recommend him to anyone especially anyone who is worried about going to the dentist. 13.12.17

Attention of Dr Ushita Shah and staff.
Well after my first extraction for many years i would like to say thank you for your patience and professional approach to my treatment. You have certainly restored my faith in dental practitioners only wish i had come in years ago ☹️ I can honestly say i was in fear and dread initially but am now relaxed as i progress through my treatment plan. My only disappointment however was i never got a being brave sticker. Look forward to my next appointment.
From an email sent to us on 14.12.17

My wife and visited the Bidge Dental practice a couple of days ago. Firstly,the attention from the receptionist was most capable and reasuring. The dentist , a stranger to us, was most pleasant and spent some time reading all my wifes notes before examining her. Once au fait with her history he examined her and proposed a plan which sensible and not excessly expensive. His attention to due diligance to her medical allergies was most reassuring. We left the surgery feeling relaxed and confident. P 2.11.16

It's been a while since I had seen a dentist as I was terrified all thanks to the school dentist back In the day, bridge dental was brilliant, in and out in no time with lovely staff and a great price! thank you. I 29.9.16

Petrified is an understatement of how I felt of going to the dentist as I hadn't been for a few years � Dr. Jenkins was really kind and very patient as he put me at ease and talked me through each step ... His injections are painless and Im really happy � and relieved that I took that first small step ...... J 7.10.16

I've always been very nervous with the dentist. I went in yesterday and Hylton Jenkins managed to keep those nerves away. I've never rebooked at a dentist as I've always come out in discomfort, however here I had none of that. I'm booked in again tomorrow and no way near as anxious as before. Thank you. N 2.8.16

Before I came I couldn't think of anything worse than coming to the dentist, however, Dr Jenkins has completely alleviated all irrational fears that I had. Extremely professional and very calming. I've actually just left my second appointment and strangely enjoyed it. T 29.7.16

Ease of appointments system, partivularly with the new online service now. Always a friendly and professional service. 26.7.16

Very helpful, very friendly, been coming here for a while and never had a bad appointment. 21.7.16

Never been made to feel so comfortable and relaxed at any dentist previously visited. Explained in detail every procedure being undertaken and for any future procedures. Took away any fear that I have experienced at other dentists. Much better advise for following treatments. Would definitely recommend this dental surgery,Mr. Jenkins and staff 20.7.16

"The appointment is very subtle and everything that is going to happen is explained. I am always reassured that everything will be okay and I leave knowing that I have a healthy mouth". This review was left by one of our young patients, what a pleasure to deal with such a lovely young girl.

It's a pleasure to walk into a dental practice that is pristine. All the staff are friendly and put you at ease. Hylton is the most gentle, kindly dentist that I have ever been to and I visit him unafraid and relax in the chair with no nerves. Barbara 21.3.16

I could fall asleep in the chair as Hylton is gentle. I say this in all sincerity as I can relax and know I am in good hands. Always a friendly and welcoming place to visit. Cyril 20.3.16

As I'm only 11, having train track braces is annoying, but my dentist understands that. He gives me useful tips to help resolve the problems which always work. Also coming to the dentist is never boring because of happy and cheerful staff! Zoe 19.2.16

Very helpful and informative. Procedures are very quick and always felt comfortable and reassured throughout Many thanks. Andy 16.2.16

I am completely needlephobic - but all at Bridge Dental are fantastic! They are slowly but surely curing my phobia and I could not fault them at all! I would recommend anyone who has had any bad experiences with other Dentist/Hygenists to try these guys out because they really are amazing! Laura 11.2.16

A dear old patient has just made our day. A note was handed in saying "just a little note to say thank you to all the team and yourself, pain gone, life is looking up" I can't tell you how much a little thing like that means. What is actually means is we are doing our job well. 11.2.16

Incredibly thorough and knowledgable. Very results driven for permanent solutions. V gentle! Just brilliant. Tanya 23.12.15

Very helpful, time efficient and really tell you about the whole situation with the problem giving you multiple options and routes to take and preferred/safer recommendations from the doctor. Liam 23.12.15

Brilliant service from all at Bridge Dental, friendly team, would highly recommend. A F, 21.12.15

A very polite and caring service. Guidance and information given clearly at each step of the process which is always reassuring. Good accessible service and can be recommended. Adrian. 15.12.15

Best dental practice I've been to. Friendly staff and professional service. Highly recommend to everyone I know! Amy 07.12.15

Absolutely fabulous hylton is a gentleman Of integrity. Karen 1.12.15

Very kind and helpful! :) . Mark 30.11.15

I am completely needlephobic - but all at Bridge Dental are fantastic! They are slowly but surely curing my phobia and I could not fault them at all! I would recommend anyone who has had any bad experiences with other Dentist/Hygenists to try these guys out because they really are amazing! Laura 2.10.15

Brilliant - Saw Dr Jenkins yesterday to have a tooth out. I'm not bothered / scared of going to the dentist, but that didn't stop him explaining everything to me and ensuring i was fully aware of what was going on and reassuring me that there wouldn't be much pain. I haven't had a tooth out since i was about 10 (now 42) so didn't really know what to expect. He said i'd feel a little scratch from the needle, i genuinely didn't feel anything. When the tooth was removed, again, no pain at all. Pretty amazing really. Its not how i remember the dentist back in the 80's ! Anyone with a fear of the dentist should go here. Pain rating, literally 0.25 out of 10. Everything else involved in the process 10/10. Scaredy Cats, take note - This is the dentist for you ! Keep up the good work guys ! Jamie 23.9.15

I have suffered with jaw pain and sensitive tooth pain for ages. I visited bridge dental clinic and found that clenching my teeth at night was the cause of the problem. A Bite plate was made for me which has proved a great success. Now no pain, eating better and getting a good nights sleep. Thank you for your expertise. Kolleen 19.8.15

Fantastic Bridge Dental Clinic. Just had a root canal, felt no pain due to attentive and caring service. Highly recommend them. Shane 18.8.15

Hylton, many thanks for yet another very gentle visit to your Clinic. Jane

My First trip to the dentist for far to long and now I can't understand why I was such a baby. If anyone is worried about going to the dentist then I can highly recommend the Bridge Dental Clinic. The staff are friendly and DO understand nervous patients, so if your anything like I was and believe me I was bad, but you need treatment, then don't delay really it's pain free. Ann

Dear Dr Jenkins, thank you for the master class in Painless Tooth Extraction. Anne

"You are the first Dentist in 70 years who said you wouldn't hurt me.... and you didn't" Margaret O

Thank you for making me be a little less scared before having my tooth removed. I think you are the best dentist I have ever known. I think you are the best dentist I have ever known. Jaimie

Thank you so much for successfully extracting my son's tooth. He was so scared and you were extremely patient with him, he didn't remember anything except your kindness. Jaimie's mum.

I want to say thank you for the care of my poorly front teeth (and me), I found your concern, support and treatment after my accident become a bearable experience

Thanks to the very kind dentist at the Bridge and the lovely nurse who helped my son and I after having an accident. I can’t thank them enough and will definitely be using them again. Thanks again

Brilliant chairside manner, from a phobic of over 50 years with deep seated fears. I totally recommend this practice!!

Dear Dr Jenkins, thank you for the amazing work you have done on my teeth. I'm so happy to have found such great dentist. Lisa

Dear Hylton, thank you so much for successfully extracting my son's wisdom tooth! He was so scared and you were extremely patient with him. Julie.

Having taken a four year break from seeing a dentist primarily out of nervousness, I have now had three visits to see Ushi and the team at Bridge Dental Clinic and have received truly excellent service and have had my fears greatly allayed. The team could not be friendlier or more reassuring and patiently talked me through everything. I still have further treatment to come but can honestly say I'm now fearing it far, far less than I was because of the excellent treatment already received. I would not hesitate to recommend the team and this practice especially if like me you are of a more nervous disposition!!

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