Job Rotation

Job Rotation. At the Bridge Dental Clinic we like to rotate our staff around where possible, to cover for holidays, sickness and other unexpected events. One of the key reasons we do this is that it allows our staff to keep up to date with all their skills. For example Katie Butt who is our main receptionist is also a qualified Dental Nurse. After spending most of her time over the past few years in reception and only nursing occasionally Katie now nurses on a regular basis, rotating at least one shift a week with one of the nurses. Katie now enjoys her nursing more than she used to as she is keeping her skills and technical knowledge sharp and updated. This past week whilst she has been nursing full time, Hylton says “it has been a pleasure to have her in the surgery this week, she is friendly to all the patients, very calm and also a very competent nurse”. By using opportunities to rotate and upskill our staff, everyone benefits, especially the patients.

OPA 22-04-15-44