8 Alternative Uses for Toothpaste

After having to use one of these ‘toothpaste hacks’ recently, we thought we would do some research about other things you can do with toothpaste, other than cleaning your teeth.

  • Relief from stings, sores and irritations. If you’ve fallen in stinging nettles or taken a reaction to something you’ve touched which has made you itchy, rubbing on toothpaste will bring instant relief and help the healing process.
  • Hand scrub. If you’ve been touching smelly foods or chemicals then scrubbing your hands with toothpaste can be a more effective way of getting rid of the smell
  • Stain remover. Just like toothpaste can clean your teeth, it can also remove stains from fabrics like clothing or carpets. Rub the stain with toothpaste and then was with clean water as per your washing instructions.
  • Crayon removal. Got children? You might be familiar with the horror of finding crayon marks on your lovely painted walls. Try adding a spot of toothpaste to a damp cloth and giving it a gentle wipe…

We tried it and most of the crayon is gone. A little more tidying up and it should be looking good.

  • Cloudy headlight covers. To make your headlights look brand new again, put some toothpaste on a cloth and rub in small circles until the plastic is clear and not cloudy. Wash afterwards with hot soapy water.
  • Defog Goggles. To stop your goggles from fogging up, gently rub with toothpaste and then wash off the residue.
  • Clean piano keys. Two lint free cloths and one tube of toothpaste are all you need to brighten up the keys of that old piano that’s sitting in the corner. Add toothpaste to a damp cloth to gently polish the keys and then wipe away the residue with another.
  • Freshen flasks and bottles. If soap and water aren’t freshening your flasks or water bottles then try adding some toothpaste and cleaning with your bottle/pipe scrubber. Denture tablets are also good for this.