Update on ‘our’ elephants, Kamok and Kauro

As many of you will know, we met Kamok and Kauro when they were tiny babies at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and have been sponsoring them since 2014.

Now a lot bigger, both have been moved to the Ithumba Relocation Unit in Tsavo National Park. This move will allow the elephants to continue their development and live a life much closer to what they would have experienced in the wild.

Moving elephants like this is a huge and dangerous operation, but one that the teams from the DSWT are very experienced with. To give us more of an idea of what goes into such a move, the team filmed the experience and post it to share with the world.

What a privilege it is to see how well the elephants get on and to be part of such an amazing organisation. We’re looking forward to seeing how they get on in their new home and sharing the news with you.