Teeth Whitening Guernsey


With the summer season upon us and people attending weddings and summer events its a great time to have that beautiful white summer smile.  Teeth whitening is a non-invasive treatment to brighten and lighten darker shades of tooth enamel.

It will effectively lighten natural tooth structure over a number of consecutive days.  We favour the tray system to deliver the lightening gel directly to the tooth surfaces.  It is a safe and regulated product dispensed by your dentist.

Your tooth whitening kit consists of custom made trays (from impressions of your teeth), the gel applicators and instructions for home use.

Only natural tooth enamel will benefit from a whitening procedure, fillings crown and veneers will not lighten however your options can be discussed with either Hylton or Ushi.

We are currently running a special summer offer.  If you read this post and would like your teeth whitening package for £350 instead of our usual price of £380, make an appointment now.  You can either book online, or call us on 01481 245357