“Excellent 10/10 – Bridge Dental Clinic. I’ve had to have a little bit of work done on my teeth recently and a new dentist has just taken over, so thought i’d give him a try. Everything is now sorted out, and i just wanted to pass on my personal thanks to Dr Jenkins who has been amazing from start to finish. If you have a fear of dentists / needles etc, then book in with him. His attitude to peoples fear is brilliant. He’ll put your mind 100% at rest, calm you down and get on with the job keeping you informed of what he’s doing along the way and what you can expect. I was expecting to be in lots of pain, but genuinely didn’t feel a thing. Brilliant. He is also helping me out correct my jaw which has been clicking for years and years. Luckily he noticed my problem and as he is also a skilled Orthodontist, he has been able to help me on the road to sorting this problem out. If you also have a clicking jaw i’d get to see him asap, as this problem will eventually lead to you not being able to open your mouth at all, which isn’t very handy if you need to talk or eat ! I’ve been to a few dentists in the past, whilst they have been good, do not compare to Dr Jenkins. It’s the little things like taking double the amount of time to scale and polish my teeth that clearly points to the fact he takes pride in the job he undertakes and gives his clients better value for money. The other dentists i’ve seen were nowhere near as thorough. His prices are also very reasonable and he sells some great products (toothpastes / toothbrushes) that are not available in the supermarkets etc. I also bought a waterpik which is a brilliant idea for keeping your teeth in great shape. All of his staff are very helpful and friendly and the surgery is currently being expanded to take on another dentist within the practice. Lots of my friends have visited on my recommendation and have had exactly the same brilliant service. He is also passionate about Elephants and wildlife, which is something i really like and respect about him. (See website) Keep up the good work guys ! “

thank you it’s good to get positive feedback