Old Toothbrushes?

Toothbrushes, do your old ones go straight in the bin or do you find another use for them?  What brought this to mind was cupboard cleaning..  There was a few at the back of our stationary cupboard and I asked the receptionist why?  She replied.  “They are too hard and not recommended for teeth cleaning but they are brilliant at cleaning in corners and keyboards”  This got me thinking about uses for my old toothbrush, then I found this article on-line.

The Oral Health Foundation – Old Toothbrushes.

“How many toothbrushes do you think you have thrown away during your life? We are advised to change our toothbrush every three months.  So, in theory by the time somebody is 30 they will have already binned around 120 bristled friends.

There are estimated to be more than 64 million people in the UK which could mean more than 256 million toothbrushes are discarded every year. That’s a very big pile of plastic but have you ever thought what happens to them? Here at the Oral Health Foundation we have taken a look at the potential uses for your toothbrush after it has finished its primary job of cleaning your teeth. What we have found is that we are remarkably creative when it comes to prolonging the usefulness of our little bristled friends.

Encouragingly, our research shows that 80% of us choose to repurpose our toothbrushes, so here are 10 best life hacks which could save you valuable time and money and your environment.
1. Nail brush magic – Admit it, removing that stubborn dirt from beneath our nails can be difficult and even tedious. Use your old toothbrush to remove it in seconds! One person even told us they keep one in their handbag just in case they need to brush up on the go.

To continue reading click on the link….  https://www.dentalhealth.org/blog/blogdetails/192

Old toothbrushes

Elephant Orphans – the rescue of Sana Sana

Sana Sana Orphans with their keepers

As we continue to support the elephant orphans in Kenya this little update gives you a feel of what happens when a baby elephant is rescued. Read More

A little information about the rescue of Sana Sana – “Upon arrival our team were welcomed by the Lodge staff and were immediately shown where the elephant was sheltering in thick undergrowth. She cut an extremely lonely figure, and according to reports, sought the camp staff’s company and safety each night by sleeping next to Samburu tribesman Dipa Lenyankera’s tent. This was understandable because by now she had a nasty wound under the tail having been mauled by a hyena. She put up little resistance when our Keepers swooped in to restrain her, after which she was laid on the usual canvas stretcher that our team had brought and with her legs strapped she was now ready for transportation to the waiting plane. This is when things became complicated because there was strong resistance to her being removed from site. It was a full two hours before a landcruiser vehicle big enough to transport the calf to the airstrip was made available for our team during which time numerous phone calls took place while negotiations to drive her to the airstrip were deliberated. Our team was all the while concerned by the time this was taking with the calf tied down and recumbent out in the bush where she had been rescued. Thankfully, it was eventually agreed that our team and the elephant be allowed to be driven in the back of the Namunyak Conservancy landcruiser to the airstrip. The Rescue Aircraft took off for Nairobi at 4.30pm”

An update on how she is doing. Sana Sana is normally a gentle and quiet girl though when it is bottle feeding time she can show some aggression towards the other young ones like Ngilai, Ndotto and Lasayen. Today during public visiting she quickly drank her milk bottle and then rushed over to Ngilai yelling, whilst he was also having his bottle, and tried to hit him down and snatch the bottle he was drinking from. The keeper warned her away and said she had had her share, but as she walked away she bellowed loudly, clearly not satisfied by that! Her shouting drew the attention of the visiting public, who marveled at the similarity between these babies and human ones in age, behaviour and characters



Regular Consumption of Sports Drinks is a Risk to Children’s Health

Sports Drinks a risk to children's health

Sports Drinks a risk to children’s health

This interesting article below which was published in Dentistry.co.uk makes very interesting reading for everyone who gives their children sugary drinks.

New research has found that 89% of school children are consuming sports drinks, with 68% drinking them regularly (between once and seven times per week).

The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (FSEM) UK has commented that regular consumption of sports drinks by children, for social reasons, could be having a detrimental effect on their health.

The survey by Cardiff University School of Dentistry, and published in the British Dental Journal, showed that a high proportion (68%) of 12-14-year-olds are regularly consuming high sugar, sports drinks unnecessarily.

The survey looked at 160 children in four schools across South Wales and found that children are attracted to sports drinks because of their sweet taste, low price and availability. The research highlights the fact that parents and children are not aware that sports drinks are not intended for consumption by children.

The FSEM recommends that water and milk is sufficient enough to hydrate children and adults before during and after exercise, there is no evidence of beneficial effects of sports drinks in non-elite athletes or children. However, there is evidence that an increasing consumption of sugar sweetened drinks in the UK increases cardiometabolic risks and contributes to tooth decay.  To read the full article click on the link.   http://www.dentistry.co.uk/2016/06/27/regular-consumption-of-sports-drinks-a-risk-to-childrens-health/

Teeth Whitening Guernsey


With the summer season upon us and people attending weddings and summer events its a great time to have that beautiful white summer smile.  Teeth whitening is a non-invasive treatment to brighten and lighten darker shades of tooth enamel.

It will effectively lighten natural tooth structure over a number of consecutive days.  We favour the tray system to deliver the lightening gel directly to the tooth surfaces.  It is a safe and regulated product dispensed by your dentist.

Your tooth whitening kit consists of custom made trays (from impressions of your teeth), the gel applicators and instructions for home use.

Only natural tooth enamel will benefit from a whitening procedure, fillings crown and veneers will not lighten however your options can be discussed with either Hylton or Ushi.

We are currently running a special summer offer.  If you read this post and would like your teeth whitening package for £350 instead of our usual price of £380, make an appointment now.  You can either book online, or call us on 01481 245357

Charter on Patient Safety

Our practice has a safety culture which means that patient safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds not only when delivering healthcare but also when setting objectives, developing procedures, purchasing new products and equipment. It is also a culture that is open and fair, where team members can discuss the challenges they face at work for the best interests of our patients. For patient safety we

  1. Follow the latest infection prevention guidelines including those from NHS England.
  2. Use dental instruments that are single use or are sterilised after use
  3. Decontaminate work areas including the dental chair, hand held equipment and cupboard handles, in between patients
  4. Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene including clinical clothing and the restricted wearing of jewellery
  5. Monitor practice water for quality. Dental unit waterlines are disinfected and kept clear
  6. Handle waste according to current regulations and dispose of it with appropriate carriers
  7. Take expert advice if a team member may have a blood borne infection. The team member will have an occupational health examination and follow the advice on their role in treating patients


All our team members are trained in safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults and follow the practice safeguarding procedures, which are regularly monitored and reviewed.

As a member of CODE [iComply], I am kept up to date with the latest changes to regulations and guidelines. [For continual improvements in care, service and safety to our patients we operate a good governance system called iComply.]

As the Practice Manager, I have overall responsibility at the practice. I lead and support the team through regular meetings, staff training, personal development and regular appraisals. We always welcome your questions, comments and suggestions. Please contact me if we can help you in any way or if you have any questions about patient safety at the practice.




Tedx St Peter Port

Having attended last week TEDx StPeterPort, whose aim was to inspire, engage and catalyse us,  I can certainly say they hit the spot.  The event held at Beau Sejour for almost 400 people was the most amazing day.  Speakers from Guernsey, the UK, US and Denmark, gave talks on positive and  innovative steps to improving quality of life on the island. People spoke about how they had overcome personal issues and managed to get their lives back on track, they spoke about how to make their own island sustainable and, the opportunity to become more democratic in our countries by use of the internet to name a few topics.

One of things that I loved was the Guernsey people who attended, people who care about their island, its future and how we can make it better.  It was a thought provoking inspirational day and I enjoyed every moment of it.  If we are lucky enough to have it run again on Guernsey I would definitely go and take our team from the Bridge Dental Clinic.  In our busy working lives we get to bogged down with keeping on top of everything and keeping up to date with relevant CPD.  To open our eyes and see other ways of improving our working lives and our island lives was just amazing.  Anne

Tedx St peter Port

Tedx St peter Port

What Parents Can do to Promote Good Dental Health


Mum and son tooth brushing

Mum and son tooth brushing

Parents can take several steps to make sure their children maintain healthy dental habits.  Eat healthy foods at home, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and protein.  Most natural foods have lower amounts of sugar than processed foods and do less damage to teeth, according to Kathleen Pace an assistant professor in the Baylor College of Dentistry at Texas A&M University in Dallas.

Parents need to serve these foods at home so their children will imitate those health eating habits when they are elsewhere “she said in a university news release”

She also suggests that parents:

Be sure to include fruits and dairy in youngsters school lunches.  Fruit will satisfy their cravings for sweets and provide healthy nutrients, while dairy products such as mils and cheese will help strengthen their bones and teeth.

Take part in children’s morning and nightly teeth cleaning rituals, and teach them how to take care of their teeth.  “Children love to imitate, so let them watch you brush your teeth and floss” Or even better, do it with them.  continue reading

This article has been taken from Health Magazine


Christmas Opening Hours

During the Christmas holiday period when we are closed there is an all island duty dental service provided.  In an emergency call the hospital on 01481 725241 and say you have a dental problem.  The hospital will take your details and contact the duty dentist, who in turn will contact you.  Please bear in mind that that there may be call out charges over and above the cost of any treatment required.  We are closed from 12.30 on Christmas eve, until 8.30am on Monday 4th January.  Merry Christmas everybody.

Christmas Opening Hours

Christmas Opening Hours

Emergency Dental Treatment over Christmas

Emergency Dental Treatment.  The Christmas tree is up and the decorations are around the surgery, everything is looking festive and joyful.  We are closed from lunchtime on the 24th of December through to the morning of the 4th of January.  Dr Jenkins is off island on a well deserved holiday.  If you have any niggles please get booked in now and have them sorted before the Christmas closure.  You certainly don’t want to have toothache over the holiday period…. On island there is always an on call Dentist which is managed by the hospital.  Should you find your self in need of emergency treatment please ring the hospital on 725241 and they will contact the emergency dentist for you.  Remember that calling out the emergency dentist is expensive, so have anything causing you concern fixed now.  Merry Christmas to all from the Bridge Dental Clinic


Don't get caught out over the Christmas holiday

Don’t get caught out over the Christmas holiday


Elephant Orphans – The Rescue of Naseku

The rescue of Naseku

The rescue of Naseku

The Bridge Dental Clinic continues to support orphan elephants in Kenya

The Kenya Wildlife Service reported to us that a young elephant calf was in need of rescue having been orphaned on the 2nd of November. The Namunyak Conservancy Community Scouts in Northern Kenya had retrieved her from a well and she was now safely in their care, waiting for help to arrive.  Having had experience in rescuing a number of elephants over the years from the Namunyak wells the scouts were aware of the best practice in situations like this; they ensured she had water and shade and avoided feeding her any milk until our team arrived with the correct formula. The wrong milk is very detrimental to baby elephants who cannot tolerate the fat in cow’s milk. Around the same time we were also called by the Lewa Conservancy radio operator who had received a similar report. It was confirmed that the calf had fallen down a manmade well and very tragically her elephant family had been forced to abandon her fearful of the presence of the Samburu herdsman who also share the same watering points in the very dry seasons. Find out more